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The Debut

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By Kenneth Pike - Posted on 04 May 2009

Though it has been trickling out at a few locations over the past couple days, you should be able to find Wings everywhere as of now! Aprilynne left this afternoon to start her tour; first stop, Tempe, Arizona. Check her calendar for a signing near you. And if there isn't one near you, gather up the biggest crowd you can find and go buy her book. Then maybe there will be a signing near you next time she goes out on tour!

On a more personal note, this release marks the culmination of something Aprilynne has been working toward for several years. She makes it look easy, but I assure you that she has worked very hard for this. Aprilynne is a remarkable woman and I'm honored (and, from time to time, stunned) that she lets me be a part of her faerie-tale life.

So go read Wings and enjoy a small sample of how awesome she really is. d^_^b

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